All about saving the bees and matcha teas...

Christina Jiron

      How do you express to a complete stranger your want to make a difference in this world? How do you express your goals, dreams and aspirations in a way that inspires someone else to care, not only about what you have to say, but in a way that inspires that same complete stranger to want to say something too? Perhaps they are burring their own dreams and aspirations and needed a little push? I want to be that push. More often than not I struggle with my own voice. I am still learning to ignore the doubts I hear in my mind, and to solely listen to the roar that is inside of me encouraging me to start, to stand, to speak even when it is uncomfortable. It is a loud unshakeable voice, and it nags long and hard until I can't ignore it anymore. Like right now. How many times have I started and stopped this blog? I can't tell you exactly dear stranger, but I can tell you that today I plan to finish. 

Let me first give you a back story of how I even got here.

To the you that is giving me your time of day, thank you. My name is Christina Jiron, and I am the founder of Bohemianzeal. Bohemianzeal broken down means free spirit-energy. When I was 18 I joined the Army and left for basic training two weeks after I graduated high school. So many of my friends told me I was crazy, a free spirit that beat to the rhythm of my own drum. Perhaps that is true to a degree; I know for a fact that I was a lost soul. I didn't know who I was, or what I wanted out of life. At 18 I carried pain, and the desire to not stay in the same place I'd known all of my life. I desperately wanted to make something of myself. Why not then join the military? HA! I did it, and I did it proudly for ten years. That decision changed my life, it forced me to grow, to evolve, to make friends I wouldn't have otherwise. I adopted friends as family, dropped old beliefs, and realized we have no control over where we are born. Everyone no matter how shitty is given a hand they must deal. Life is a constant decision. Which do you choose? When I got out of the military I felt a since of freedom I hadn't felt, and the same want to make something out of my life. I can tell you most of the lessons I learn are the hard way, and I still don't really know if I'm doing anything right. I just know I have the desire to try. I am a mother who still has to spread her wings and fly not only for herself but in a way that inspires her child to as well, I am a loyal friend who needs advice as often as I give it, I am a veteran who is just thankful for the lessons that came with serving my country, and a lover who is broken and healing as I go, daring another broken soul to ride it out with me. I am the daughter who never got easy to handle, but loved as best she could, and the stranger that will lend a hand to anyone that needs it. I am here to encourage everyone I meet to embrace their own Bohemianzeal. To take the chances, to go into the uncomfortable areas of life with the confidence to know you will survive it. Some of life's greatest moments, and biggest blessing come from silencing our fear and just taking that chance. I hope to encourage everyone I meet to listen to their free spirit, to take the chance even when it is uncomfortable. 

So here I am taking my own advice: Now that you know a little back story on me, I'll finish by saying I'm a girl that is all about saving the bees and matcha teas. (No but really--- I am obsessed with matcha. I'll write my next blog on the benefits and how you should trade out coffee for matcha but let me stay on track here...)

This month I will be launching a save the bees collection where 20% off all profits will be donated to the honeybee conservancy. The honeybee conservancy helps to educate communities on the importance of bees and sponsors hives to any school, organization, or donor that meets their requirements. The new year is upon us! What goals and aspirations will you make for the new year!? Bohemianzeal Boutique wants to BEE part of the solution and help give back to our environment! This world needs its bees! For more information check out:

Thank you dear stranger for your time. Thank you for listening, and I hope what I said resonates with you in some way. Stay tuned, and share this boutique with your friends and family!

Embrace your bohemianzeal, & bee kind. -Christina