Introducting Myself & Bohemianzeal

Well, hello there! 

First off, let me start by saying that I am not a life coach, or an expert at anything. I am just a person on a  journey of self transformation wanting to share my knowledge and experiences gained along the way with  others interested in doing the same. Blogging is a new and unfamiliar territory for me, but I am excited to use it  as an outlet to reach others and to connect with people from all over the world. In my posts I will be focusing on  self-love, self-worth, spirituality, and overall wellness. The fear of being vulnerable can be overwhelming, but I  know that the act of being vulnerable is the first step of being real with myself and others. I want to be real in a  way that inspires someone else to care, not only about what I have to say, but in a way that inspires that same  complete stranger to want to work on themselves too. How else do you express to a complete stranger your  want to make a difference in this world all while encouraging yourself and them to be the best version of themselves? I am thankful to have this outlet, and know this is a great place to start. Perhaps you are sitting on your own dreams and aspirations and needed a little push? I want to be that push.  More often than not I struggle with my own voice. I am still learning to ignore the doubts I hear in my mind, and  to solely listen to the roar that is inside of me encouraging me to start, to stand, and to speak even when it is  uncomfortable. It is a loud unshakeable voice, and it nags long and hard until I can't ignore it anymore. Like  right now! How many times have I started and stopped this blog? I can't tell you exactly. What I can tell you is  that today, I plan to finish. 

A little about me: 

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Christina. I founded Bohemianzeal  in August of 2019. I  live about 45 min away from New Orleans, Louisiana with my son, boyfriend, and two of the cutest American Akitas you will ever see (I might be biased). Bohemianzeal is very important to me. It’s a motto, and a mindset  to constantly step into. Bohemianzeal broken down means free spirit-energy. I want to encourage everyone to  embrace their free spirit energy. Acting on that energy has changed my life. 

At eighteen, I enlisted into the United States Army and left for basic training two weeks after I had graduated  from high school in May of 2006. So many of my friends told me I was crazy. I know they believed their free  spirited friend had lost her mind. Perhaps that is true to a degree; I know for a fact that I was a lost soul. I didn't  know who I was, or what I wanted out of life. At eighteen, I carried pain from a broken childhood, and the desire  to not stay in the same place I'd known all of my life. I desperately wanted to make something of myself, and to  escape all that I knew. Why not then join the military? HA! I did it! I also did it for ten years. That one decision  changed my life. It forced me to grow, to evolve, and to make friends I would not have otherwise. I adopted  friends as family, dropped old beliefs, and realized we have no control over where we are born and the  circumstances that surround us. Everyone, no matter how shitty, is dealt a hand they must play. Life is a  constant decision. Which do you choose? I am a mother who still has to spread her wings and fly, not only for  herself but in a way that inspires her child to as well. I am a loyal friend who needs advice as often as I give it,  and a veteran who is just thankful for the lessons that came with serving my country. I am a lover who is still  broken and healing as I go, daring another broken soul to ride it out with me. I am the daughter who was never easy to handle, but loved as best she could. I am also the stranger that will lend a hand to anyone that needs it.  The day I discharged from the military I felt free, but I also felt lost all over again. The military had become my  identity, and aside from being a soldier and a mom I didn’t know who I was any longer. I knew I had this sense  of freedom for the first time in my life, but I didn’t know how to appreciate it, or handle it because I undeniably  had become trapped within myself. One of my biggest triggers is being trapped. Ironically, I had always coped  by running. I ran from people, places, and anything that felt like work to me. I couldn’t run from the work I had  to do within myself though. So here I am, being vulnerable, uncomfortable, and real with you as I express my  truth. We all have to face our shit. No matter how hard you try to bury it, it will always resurface until it is  handled. My desire to become my best self and to unlearn the patterns that are keeping me from my deepest  truths outweigh my fear. If this resonates with you, and you are struggling with self love, self worth, and overall  purpose, I am happy to help you. Like I said, mindset is everything. I am excited to be in this place, sharing my  experience. I hope that I can help others who are ready to help themselves. This journey is a life long task, but  developing the tools to keep a positive mindset is the key to success in all areas of life. I have hit rock bottom,  and I have rebuilt myself more times than I care to count, but that is life! We have to accept it for the good, the  bad, and the ugly, as well as the miraculous, that can put us in absolute awe!

We are all in a constant state of transformation.

I want to encourage you to embrace your Bohemianzeal despite what that transformation looks  like for you right now. To love yourself for all that you are, and to let you know that you were put on this earth to  let your soul shine! 

We are all magic. 

I am happy to be here. I truly hope that I inspire you to also work on finding your best self. Christina

P.S. (Today, I rocked butterfly clips after being inspired by the character Phoebe on friends. She looked so cute wearing hers! I know my 13 year old self would have approved.)